Why you should take a solo trip at least once in your lifetime..


The first thing which comes to mind while planning for a trip is who should you take along with you. Actually it is almost a given that we think of companions, friends or family, while deciding to go for an outing and while these experiences can be fun and enjoyable as well, going for a journey alone can be a life-changing experience. Here are 10 reasons while you should take a solo trip at least once:


why you should travel alone


why you should travel alone

  1. Easy to organise

It’s a common occurrence for a trip to get cancelled simply because there weren’t enough people to make it enjoyable and you often end up cancelling the plan saying “It won’t be fun”. But what you miss out on is the fact that it takes just one person to agree for a trip to happen and that is you. Sure it will be a bit troublesome but the experience will be worth the trouble and the best part is, you don’t have to wait for anybody’s approval.


  1. Completing your bucket list

People always have a bucket-list, things you’ve always wanted to try out given the opportunity but haven’t simply because you didn’t have someone to do it with and thus that list remains in the bucket. A solo trip is just the opportunity you’ve been looking for to complete that list without worrying about anyone. After all it’s your list…..why wait for anyone else to complete it?

 travel alone

  1. Coz you can be fun too

Owing to the chaotic times we live in, it’s important to embrace the chaos. But sometimes it’s necessary to distance yourself from it and find solitude for a little while. And you know what? You’ll end up finding out that you’re just as much fun as anybody else. Perhaps even more, but you’ll never know until you give yourself a chance. It can be a great chance for you to introspect, enjoy and change your life in more ways than one.

travel alone

  1. Meet new people

It’s a very common and absurd misconception that if one is travelling alone, he’ll be alone for the whole journey. The best part about being on a trip alone is meeting new people diverging from your regular conversations. If you’re an introvert, a solo trip can do wonders for you in breaking that ice. Also, it’s easier to go over to a person or group and talk when you’re alone. When travelling with a group you are likely to miss out on that. Who knows? You may end up finding a very good friend on this adventure of yours.

travel alone

  1. Choosing your experiences

Often on a trip with friends or family, you end up doing something just because everyone else has decided to it. The fact that you do not like it makes little difference in that case. It can also be the other way around where you wanted to do something desperately but decided against it just so that you don’t “waste” everybody else’s time. Taking a trip alone is the best way to avoid both these situations. Do what you feel like instead of pretending to like something for others’ sake.

travel alone

  1. It’s liberating

You might be someone for whom even eating alone can be a challenging task and taking a trip alone could sound almost impossible to do. But once you make that leap of faith, you’ll find that you’ve become independent in a very different way. Also you might end up finding traits in your personality that you didn’t know existed just because someone else was filling that hole for you. Also people you meet only know the things about you which you tell them and that relieves you from the burden of any shortcomings or mistakes that might be known to your peers whose presence will be a constant reminder of them.

travel alone

  1. Better facilities

Travelling alone is a rarity almost everywhere and thus people doing so are more likely to get better services at the hotel or with the tour guide because they appreciate the initiative and the resolve in taking it. You might get a free room upgrade or some new places that the guide might show you which he wouldn’t otherwise.

travel alone

  1. Get a better perspective

Travelling alone, without anyone to divert your attention, allows you to look at things from a completely different point of view and realise the things which really matter in life.  It allows you to assess where you stand in life and the things you really want and lets you know of the unnecessary pursuits in your life. It also makes you aware how lucky you are to have the life that you do and be grateful to those responsible for it. I once visited the India-China border at  Nathula Pass and I was blown away by the dedication of the army personnel there. It was so cold that I couldn’t even feel my face and it made me realize the resolve it took to serve the country withstanding conditions of extreme adversity all year long where I could even stay for 15 minutes. All these experiences make you compassionate and change your attitude towards your own life and respect it for what it is.

  1. Longing for your loved ones

It is rightly said that we sometimes need to distance ourselves from something in order to realise its true value. This is true especially for your loved ones be it your family or your soul mate. Spending some time apart from them will make you let you know of what and how much they actually bring to your life and treat them differently from how you might have been.

travel alone

  1. Because it’s ok to be selfish sometimes

There should always be some things which are sacred…which no one has access to and is even supposed to. Travelling alone is one of those experiences…it allows you to create experiences which are belong to you and no one else. And sometimes it’s even difficult to explain to anyone what you felt gazing at the calm sea water and why you felt it….So that feeling is yours to savour and cherish for the rest of your life.

Taking a trip alone is like reading a great book or even watching an awesome movie. If it’s good enough, you don’t need anyone else to enjoy it with. Though I’d advise you to do you research properly before taking such a trip so you can enjoy it thoroughly. As for the rest, the world is waiting to be explored. You just have to be willing.

Please tell me have you taken any solo trip at least once in your lifetime or are you planning the same in the comment box below??

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