World’s 5 Most Mysterious Serial Killers Of All Time


Watching a single murder is enough to grip our soul with fear. Wonder how scary it would be for people living in an area where serial killers are suspected to operate. If that is not enough, just wonder about police failing to figure out the suspect behind those murders. Here in this list we’ve tried to bring up 5 such instances when serial killers went on with their killing spree without the police having the faintest of clue about them.Yes we bring you the World’s 5 Most Mysterious Serial Killers Of All Time.

5. Smiley Face Killings


When did these killings initiate and when will they come to an end still remain a mystery. The killings were termed “Smiley Face” when it was publicly declared that police found a graffiti depicting a smiley face near locations where the dead bodies were supposed to be dumped. The theory came up after a series of men were found drowned in different American waterbodies. The theory highly supported the involvement of a serial killer who first killed people and then dumped them near a waterbody to make them appear drowned. The motive of these killings and the suspect behind them still remain to be a puzzle unsolved.

4. The Redhead Murders


A series of murder cases started coming up in some parts of United States where victims usually had reddish hair. In this case, not just the serial killer but even the victims remain unidentified. The Redhead Killings victims were somehow involved in hitchhiking or prostitution. The deceased were usually found near various highways of United States.

3. Texas Killing Fields


A field described as a ‘perfect place for killing and getting away with it’ is enough to give you an idea of how scary this whole incident was. Roughly, over 30 cases have been linked to the Texas Killing Fields with most of them being of a young girl. The similarities found in the murders made the involvement of a serial killer quite obvious. The Texas City Police tried everything they could but still failed to find any clue about what was actually happening in the Texas Killing Field.

2. Jack The Ripper


‘The Prostitute Hunter’ aptly describes Jack The Ripper who ripped apart prostitutes for a reason yet not disclosed. This Jack typically murdered prostitutes who worked in the slums in East end of London. Even after knowing the motive and method of Killings, no definite clue could be found out about Jack The Ripper. The canonical five became the highlight of Jack The Ripper’s modus
operandi. He was registered as the “the Whitechapel Murderer” as well as “Leather Apron” within the crime case files of London. He still remains a legend in London’s history for his modus operandi which received mixed responses from the London civilians of his time.

1. Zodiac Killings


He gave his name, motive and method behind his killings but yet remained unidentified. The murders started in the late 1960s and the investigation continued till 2014 without tasting success. The Zodiac Killer was arguably a genius who openly challenged the police and special detectives to get hold of him and eventually won it too. The Zodiac Killer sent cryptograms to the media or police and claimed the murders he executed. The motive as stated by Zodiac himself was quite weird just like his complete gameplan. He believed the people he killed would become his servants in life after death and thus went on hunting mostly young people to increase the number of his servants. The Zodiac claimed his murder count to be 37 which was disputed by the FBI to be just 13. The Zodiac fear that gripped the people of northern California ran a chaos about the Zodiac Killer across the whole of America. He arguably remains the most genius serial killer of recent times.

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