5 Reasons Why The First Moon Landing By NASA Could Just Be A Lie


One of the biggest and most-popular conspiracy theory regarding space remains to be the first moon landing by NASA. Apollo 11 headed by Neil Armstrong, was the first space flight that landed humans on the Moon back in 1969. However, the images and videos which were released by NASA raised a number of unanswered questions which made the Apollo 11 more of a conspiracy of the Americans to stay ahead of the world. A few polls even indicated that 20% of Americans believe America has never landed on the moon. Theories can’t exist without facts. Thus, we’ve tried to compile five such facts which gave rise to such a massive conspiracy theory. We have also tried to state NASA’s clarification about the questions raised.

1. Absence Of Stars

One of the most interesting fact supporting the argument is the complete absence of stars in any of the images/videos presented by NASA. There are no clouds on the moon, so stars should be visible quite brightly and clearly. However, there were just no stars actually shown in any of the images. The reason for the lack of stars could be the fact that mapping out the exact location of stars would had been impossible for NASA, so they simply opted to wash them out of every image they generated. NASA cited the poor quality of images as the reason behind this slip up. It is hard to believe though as even more poor quality cameras prove sufficient to capture stars from earth.

2. The Waving Flag

When the first moon landing went on air, viewers could easily witness the American flag waving and waggling as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin mounted it on the moon. The point here is that there is no air in the moon’s atmosphere. Without air then how did the flag actually wave? NASA claimed that the flag was stored in a thin tube and the rippled effect was caused by it being unfurled before being planted. NASA also stated that the ripples might had been caused by the reaction force of the astronauts touching the aluminum pole, which is shown to shake in the video footage. However, the waving of flag for such a prolong time could not be justified by NASA.

3. The ‘C’ Rock

One of the most popular images from Apollo 11 shows a ‘C’-shaped rock in the foreground. The shape appeared to be perfectly symmetrical, making it obvious that it wasn’t a natural occurence. Theorists claim that the object was a prop used by a film crew. A set designer might have accidentally turned it the wrong way, exposing the other half to the camera. Sometimes NASA opts for blaming a photographic developer for adding the letter as a practical joke. Some other times NASA chooses to call it just a hair which might have got tangled during the developing process. NASA’s moody explanations further strengthen the theorists belief.

4. The Unknown Object

As soon as the photos from Apollo 11 were released, theorists pointed out an unexplained object in the reflection of an astronaut’s helmet. The object appears to be hanging from a wire resembling a spotlight usually used in most film studios. However, the resemblance does not have a strong base as the quality of the images was quite low. When the theorists failed to properly reason the appearance of that object then how can we expect NASA to explain it. The mystery behind the object remains unsolved and thus the name ‘Unknown’ prevails for it.

5. Escape From The Van Allen Radiation Belt

The reason why manned landing is so difficult is just The Van Allen Radiation Belt. The radiations in this belt are too high for a human to penetrate through it. The question thus remains how did Apollo 11’s astronauts crossed it unscathed. NASA credited the speed of the Lunar Module for saving their astronauts. They explain that the Apollo 11 crossed the belt in a very short time which meant that the astronauts received a very small dose of the radiations. However, the speed too was argued to be half of what NASA claimed it to be.
Arguments won’t end and neither will the theories do until NASA come up with some perfect answer for every questions raised. Other questions regarding the background views, the slow motion walking of the astronauts and the high altitude jumps also keep giving NASA a headache. The question besides every technical aspect which strongly supports the theorists is, if NASA was able to successfully complete a manned moon landing in 1969 then why was the feat never repeated after that? Why did every other Apollo mission failed to take humans to the moon? The movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, released an year before the Apollo 11 took place is supposed to the inspiration behind the fake moon landing scripted by NASA. Given the intensity of these theories and the face turning nature of NASA, the Apollo 11 remains to be a mystery worth thinking of.

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