Meet The Man Behind The Most Successful Water-Powered Car


With the rise of general fuel crisis, automobile companies from all over the world have been lurking to find some effective solution. They’ve been undertaking heavy researches to get their hunt completed. Yet even after spending tonnes and tonnes of money on their research, none could come up with a practical soluton. Indian automobile industries are not globally much esteemed either. Still a man hailing from India has managed to pull it off. What big companies have failed to do, a small mechanic has made it a practical possibility. After toiling hard for over five years, Mohammed Raees Markani, 44, from Madhya Pradesh has developed a car which can run on water effectively. He modified his general 800cc car engine to a solution for one of world’s major troubles. He started working on his car way back when there was hardly any demand for eco-friendly vehicles.

Technology Used

Making a car run on water only sounds good! The technology used is nothing less than pure genius. Mr.Markani’s car basically runs on acetylene gas. This gas is formed through a chemical reaction between water and calcium carbide, which are used as fuel by Raees Markani in his car. This gas also has many other industrial applications like welding and lightning.
Mohammad Raess Markani believes his breakthrough will come as a boon for his fellow countrymen who spend around 70rs/litre of petrol. Mr. Markani doesn’t just stop there. His love for his nation made him reject an offer from other foreign countries like China. Mr. Markani states that he rejected an offer from a chinese firm and instead asked them to setup the production plant in his hometown. Markani had also applied for getting his Water-Car patented.
It has to be accepted that not many buyers opt for an eco-friendly car but more or less their demand has been on a steady rise. With the ever increasing fuel crisis and pollution, rise in demand for eco-friendly cars can’t be questioned. Manufacturers too know this fact and have thus been looking for new and better alternates. In such a situation, Mohammad Raees Markani’s efforts have certainly earned him and all we Indians a reason to be proud of!

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