10 Most Intresting Places To Celebrate New Year At Least Once


India is home to some of the most beautiful and fun places in the world. So when it’s time for New Year’s eve, one can choose from a plethora of destinations to visit and have a great time.For enjoying your holiday there are some list of the best New Year Destinations in India.


There is no doubt that Goa is the best place in India to celebrate new year with your family and friends. Goa supply all types of fun that one needs at this time of the year. The state of Goa made up of several beautiful phase containing beaches, pubs, bars, discos, guest houses, resorts etc. Each and every type of drink is available that one need to persuade the best. From stuffy food to Sea food, tourists can find and eat anything they love. Famous resorts and bars provides special regime on the eve of new year. Apart from Indians, several foreigners around the globe visit Goa to enjoy and celebrate. Goa is also one of the best places for party lovers.goa-new-yeargoa-party

2.Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are one of the best places to celebrate new year. The beautiful spontaneous environment and peace makes it one of the best target for celebrations. One can party hard on islands, beaches, resorts, yacht etc at this fiery place. It is one of the cleanest and greenest part of India with a lot of cool and silence. The boat riding and other water sport merrymaking are one of the best thing to enjoy your every minute. The lovely scenery helps you to forget all the tensions and energizes for a merry new year. Apart from beautiful islands, there are several tourists spots set on these islands which will make your new year more fabulous.andaman-and-nicobar-islands

3. Pondicherry

Pondicherry is again one of the most cherished target to brood over with family and friends on the eve of new year. There are choris event convener who organize events on the eve of new year. The beaches are the place where you can enjoy at Pondicherry. Apart from that, its special sea foods and drinks are also available to make the celebrations more special. 8-pondicherry

4. Manali

Manali is one of the most fabulous place in India. During winters, Manali happens to be one of the pleasing spot in new year because of the snow fall and different snow sporting activities. This place is full of tourists on new years as people want to start a beautiful new year at a beautiful place.12252666-shimla


Sikkim is a small state of India which is famous for its natural beauty. It consists of Great Himalayas, waterfalls, rivers, natural springs, etc which surly induce and draw the attention of tourists to celebrate new year here only. Its been a great idea to start new year with go on a long arduous journey and promenade. The temperature of the place goes below zero degrees during new year but the passion of a new year gives an altogether special feeling. The clouds in Sikkim are generally at your fingertips which itself is a great feeling to welcome a new year.mg_marg_gangtok_sikkim_new_year_eve_2011


Darjeeling is situated in West Bengal and is one of the most beautiful place to spend a new year. It is a places well surrounded by nature’s beauty. Darjeeling celebrates Christmas with a lot of interest and thus tourists want to carry on those great moments till new year. The high Himalayas are one of the best place to start new year.happy-new-year-darjeeling


Mysore is one of the royal cities of India which probably welcomes new year in a majestical and eternal way. Most parts look like a new bride on the eve of new year. Mysore is made up of of lovely palaces and holy places which are worth to visit on the new year eve. The pleasant weather and sweet atmosphere energizes for a new beginning. The lush and royal hotels are a great place to welcome your new year.mysore_palace_morning


Bangalore is also known as the IT capital of India coax new year with a lot of rapture. Several event organizers who organize various events at various places across city. The city is illuminated with lights and bulbs. As soon as the minute hand comes to 12 you can hear fireworks across the city. Several pubs and bars organizes special arrangements to enjoy this beautiful moment of new year. The impressive weather of Bangalore attracts many to enjoy  new year in this metro city.new_year_eve_brigade_road

9. Vishakhapatnam

Vishakhapatnam or Vizag which is situated on the Bay of Bengal is another beach location of India to celebrate a amazing new year. The feast take place here with a lot of noise containing music and dance. People welcome new year across the beach and resorts with different type of drinks. Apart from Indians, many foreigners too join the new year party.49f99e21954b5a7de8f235d39a279a4f

10. Ooty

Ooty is one of the most renowned hill station situated on Nilgiri hills. It is again one of the best place to celebrate new year with beauty of the nature. The place consists of some foreign natural beauty with impressive atmosphere. One can enjoy the Indian cold weather at its best in Ooty during new year days. The lakes, gardens, parks add a terrifying smack in your holidays. The place consist of some very beautiful and wonderful resorts, hotels, guest houses etc only for the purpose of new year






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