Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World


Phone is a major need of our daily lives. Mobile phone or even has the prices differ ranging from the cheapest phones in the world up to the most expensive mobile phone in the world. Now a days there aren’t many things that people are more joined to than their mobile phones. A person’s cell phone is his opening into all things that goes on in his life. With the current handsel in technology, it now seems as if your cell phone can do anything that your computer can do. It then comes as no wonder that your cell phone could cost as much as it does. If you’re in the market for a phone that can do anything, then you should have to pay a lot of money. Here is a list of world’s top 10 most expensive mobile phones.

1.Vertu Signature Diamond

Exclusive delight phones from Vertu. Vertu is known for its delight mobile phone products, accompanied mobile phones Vertu Signature Diamond is associated in order to-10 list of the world’s most expensive mobile phones. This phone is made of platinum and state the best assembly process is done by hand, and not by machines. Phone decorated with a pretty fancy diamonds produced only 200 pieces. The price of this phone is $ 88,000.


2.iPhone Princess Plus

iPhone Princess Plus has a trait that is not much apart from other Apple iPhone mobile phone, which makes this into the top 10 most expensive mobile phones in the world. This iPhone is designed by famous designer Austria, Peter Aloisson. Apart from the gold, this special iPhone palate comes with no less than 138 princess cut and 180 brilliant cut diamonds with a weight of 16.50 – 17.75. And according to Peter Aloisson, the diamonds have the best quality, so having such a device is quite a noticeable thing. It’s price is $ 176.400.iphone-princess-plus

3.BlackDiamond VIPN Smartphone

At no. 8 comes the world’s most expensive mobile phone is Sony Ericsson’s Black Diamond. Jaren Goh created this plushy belief for Sony. It highlights mirror detailing, polycarbonate mirror and an organic LED technology. surely when it comes to Sony, nobody can defiance the screen results. It is fitted with two diamonds, one on the navigation buttons and the other in the back of the phone. The price of this phone is $300,000.blackdiamond-vipn-smartphone

4.Vertu Signature Cobra

Vertu Signature Cobra comes in seventh position of the world’s most expensive mobile phone. The designs are quite unique with the entity of forms such as the Cobra snake on the phone side. Designed by French jeweller, Boucheron, the expensively stylish phone features one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald eyes, and 439 rubies.vertu-signature-cobra

5.Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

This phone comes from a stuffy purveyor of a luxury handsets – Gresso, and is called Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. This phone was founded in Switzerland in 2005. It is made up of solid gold weighing 180 grams. The back panel is made up of African backwoods that is more than 200 years old. That wood is the most expensive wood in the world. Its keys are made of sapphire crystal. And it costs a cool $1 million.gresso-luxor-las-vegas-jackpot

6.Diamond Crypto Smartphone

This is not the effective looking smartphone in all of the world, but still it become the most expensive phone. You also don’t have to think about your information stolen since the security on this phone is top of the line. What really makes this expensive is the huge diamonds that fense the outside of the phone.In total, there are 50 diamonds that make up the outer of the phone that Peter Aloisson designed. Without the diamonds, this phone may be cost around $600 tops, but who in their right mind wants a phone without diamonds all over it?diamond-crypto-smartphone

7.GoldVish Le Million

The Le Million may be the most top looking phone on the list. The entire thing (with the exception of the screen) is made of 18 karat white gold. You won’t even see most of the gold beside the buttons because the phone is covered in 120 karat diamonds.There is concretely a impartial only for millionaires where gracious items are bought and sold by vendors. This was the most expensive phone transaction at this fair and it happened in 2006. A Russian businessman laid his eyes on this phone and knew that he just had to have it. He ended up dropping $1.3 million on this beauty.goldvish-le-million

8.iPhone 3G King’s Button

For the third most expensive mobile phone in the world is still on record by a kind of the iPhone, named King’s Button iPhone 3G. The famous jeweler from Austria Peter Aloisson is the creater of this phone. 138 diamonds are installed on this phone that makes it worth $2.4 million. The beautiful white diamond of 6.6 carats serves as the home screen button which improve the beauty of this phone.kings-button-iphone

9.iPhone 6 Amosu Call Of Diamond

Everyone having iPhone knows that there is an Apple logo on the back of it. Which makes this one special is that the Apple logo is made exactly of diamond. That’s not the only diamond on this phone, either (of course). There are over 6,000 small diamonds total on this iPhone.Not a lot of these phones have been moke— not only because they are super expensive and only a few people can afford them, but because they take a total of two months to make. All of those tiny little diamonds are hand placed, so the cost of labor is what makes up a good chunk of the price tag. And you thought labor at your local mechanic’s was expensive.iphone-6-amosu-call-of-diamond-300x257

10.Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6

The creator of the SuperNova are good enough to set you up on a payment plan for this phone. The only thing they ask is that you pay $95.5 million for it.The phones aren’t over the top like the rest of on the list in terms of hundreds of diamonds, but instead have one main feature. There is an 18 karat gold casing which looks cool, but your eyes will be exhaustion to the huge diamond on the back. Falcon embedded a pink diamond and that alone was the main cause for the huge price tag. There are cheaper versions of this phone, including one in platinum with a blue diamond, but it still costs $48.5 million.iphone-6-falcon-supernova-edition-2-300x257

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