Review of Lenovo K6 Power : A Budget Smartphone


It’s hard to believe that any phone in the sub-Rs 15,000 is a budget smartphone segment without naming Xiaomi. Xiaomi’s stellar Redmi Note 3 and 3S Prime are ruling the perch in that section just as Samsung and Apple are king of the flagships.

Moving its way into this elevated company is Lenovo’s K6 Power smartphone. On paper, the phone offers a amazingly suitable package and seems like a attention alternative to Xiaomi’s budget kings. Here’s how it fared in our review.

 Build and Design: 7 / 10


Check the powdered finish on the metal back

Given that the phone is selling for Rs 9,999, I did spirit my expectance , but I’m still disappointed with the build quality. The back of the phone is metal and the matte grey finish (the colour we received for testing) isn’t bad.

The metal finish means that the phone does get a bit slippery, though.


As the two rear speaker grills suggest, you get dual-speakers

You get a centre-aligned camera and fingerprint sensor on the back and a dual-speaker grill near the bottom at the rear.

Prodigiously enough, the micro-USB port is placed at the top, alongside the 3.5mm headphone jack. You’ll find the power and volume buttons on the right and the SIM card slot on the left.


You get capacitive buttons on the front, but they’re not backlit, which is smite.

The buttons are capacitive, but are reflective and not backlit, which was disappointing.


The fit of the device is very good, even though the quality of the materials could have been better

While I severally feel that the Redmi Note 3 offers better build quality, the build and finish of the K6 power is actually not that bad. There are no sharp edges and the colour tone is identical. I just wish it didn’t feel so sticky.

Features: 7 / 10

Lenovo K6 Power review: A budget smartphone


In terms of specifications, you get a 5-inch, Full HD IPS LCD screen. This translates to a PPI of 441, which is very good. The chipset is a Snapdragon 430 unit clocked at 1.4GHz — the Redmi Note 3 giving a much more powerful Snapdragon 650 — that’s backed with either 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage or 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Memory is expandable by up to 256GB via a microSD card slot.

The rear camera is a 13MP unit with PDAF and the front camera is an 8MP unit. The rear camera can record video at 1080p and 30fps.


You get a nice pair of dual-speakers, but they’re peculiarly arranged on the rear of the unit. For what it’s worth (very little), these speakers get Dolby Atmos support.

Connectivity is comes in the form of Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2 and micro USB v2.0. An FM Radio antenna is also available.

Display: 6 / 10


The 5-inch IPS LCD panel with Full HD resolution offers good pixel density and little else. The maximum brightness is good enough for use in daylight, but that’s where the good news ends.


441 ppi is nice, but colour exposition needs work

The contrast ratio is quite bad, the screen has a absolutely blue cast to it and colours are definitely muffle. Textures also get muddy in colourful scenes.

Don’t expect to be wowed by this screen, but at Rs 9,999, it’s not so bad. Viewing angles are also fine.

The screen doesn’t seem to have much of an oleophobic coating and is thus a great fingerprint magnet.

Software: 7 / 10

The phone runs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with Lenovo’s Vibe Pure skin on top. The skin is light enough, though I would have main stock Android.

Lenovo K6 Power features 1

That said, there are a number of software tweaks that I really liked.

You get a number of useful signal such as double-tap to wake the screen, double-tap the volume button to take a photo, reduce the volume of the ringtone when you pick up the phone, etc.

Lenovo K6 Power UI 1

More useful than this is a feature that lets you run apps under two different accounts. You can have WhatsApp running with two different number.

These are all nifty features, but some, like double-tap to wake, are a little slow to respond. That general slowness in fact, diffuse the entire K6 Power experience.

Performance: 6 / 10

Given that it’s powered by a Snapdragon 430, the K6 Power’s performance is rather fail to impress. While the UI is smooth, everything else, including the camera and especially the browser, seem labor in use.

Lenovo K6 Power performance 1

Opening a new tab, waiting for a page to load, waiting for the keyboard to pop-up, etc., are all part and segment of the experience.

If the Redmi Note 3 didn’t exist, I’d say that this performance was par for the course. Since it does exist, the K6 Power’s performance is not good.

You’ll be happy to note, however, that the device never once heated up in our tests. It got flabbily warm under continuous load, but that’s as far as it got.

Lenovo K6 Power performance 2

The speakers are also nice and quite loud. But then again, Lenovo placed them on the back and didn’t even take the hardship to give the rear a small lip or bump to raise the rear flabbily. Because of this, audio can get muted if you place the device on its back on a flat surface.

In any other situation, however, the dual-speakers are quite loud and clear and I have no complaints on that front.

Another area where this phone does well is in call quality. Voice quality was good and I didn’t experience any unexpected network losses. Data signals (4G) were always decent on my usual route.

Oh, and the fingerprint sensor is fast and responsive.

If it wasn’t for the general sluggishness of the phone, I don’t think I would have had any complaints.

Camera: 7 / 10

I’m impressed with the camera. It’s quite civilized at this price and the camera software boasts of many useful features. Think through the Flickr album below to examine the images and read my notes.



You get manual control over ISO and white balance, control over metering methods as well as a level indicator.

The feature I liked most about the camera is its speed. It’s quick to adapt to changing lighting conditions and focus distances and I don’t think I ever missed a shot because the camera couldn’t meter and focus in time.

Lenovo K6 Power Camera UI

Image quality itself is average. In good light, the camera can hold its own with any budget contestant in its class and even in low-light, performance isn’t terrible.

There is noise to be found for sure, and this is a budget camera, so don’t get your hopes up too high. However, for its price, this is a very decent camera indeed.

One very pick off aspect of the camera is that the cover glass picks up fingerprint sensors very easily. The resultant images are blurry and not metered correctly and I had to clean the glass almost every time I had to take a photo.

Battery life: 7 / 10

Battery life was excellent. My daily usage for about 2-3 hours of video, the same amount of music, maybe a handful of photos, dozens of messages on WhatsApp and Telegram and easily 2-3 hours of reading on the web (over 4G). I don’t game much on my phone and I had spend more than half an hour a day playing games. I also don’t spend more than a couple of minutes a day talking on the phone.


Given that usage, my iPhone 6S Plus runs out by the time I get to bed, which translates to a solid 15-18 hours of battery life. In comparison, the Lenovo K6 Power with its 4,000-mAh battery easily got me through a day and a half of usage. This is roughly what I managed on the Redmi Note 3 as well.

Charging was slow, with the battery taking an hour to go from 1 percent to 29 percent. A full charge can take almost 4 hours at times.

I did notice that the battery tends to drain very fast the moment I run some intensive app, like a game. This is expected, but that drain is a little faster than I’ve experienced on other Android devices.



Redmi Note 3 Lenovo K6 Power Redmi 3S Prime
Chipset Snapdragon 650 Snapdragon 430 Snapdragon 430
Storage 16GB 32GB 32GB
Expandable to 256GB 256GB 256GB
Screen Size (inches) 5.5 5 5
Screen resolution FHD FHD HD
Camera resolution 16MP 13MP 13MP
Flash dual-LED LED LED
Battery (mAh) 4,050 4,000 4,100
Price Rs 9,999 Rs 9,999 Rs 8,999

Compared to the other offerings on the market, particularly those from Asus, the Lenovo K6 Power is a great deal. Compared to Xiaomi’s offerings, it’s not.


If you fall in that latter group, rest assured that you’re getting a good deal in the K6 Power; just know that it’s not the best deal around.

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