Height of Indian Hypocrisy



The problem is not understanding the real meaning of the word – Feminism

  • In India, some feminist has only one role. “To bash MEN”

    “Females > males”
    “Females are much more smarter then men.”
    “They are more stronger & emotionally well balanced than men, etc.”

    The above thing is SEXISM but its called Feminism & people applaud the above statements.


  • They generalise every men as a sexual predator, dowry harraser & start stereotyping men by their clothes, looks & personality.


 What the hell is this Nandita Das!

“If any of you are men and are reading this you too can be a potential pig, so please behave.”


Wow Ms. Priyanka Chopra!

I can proudly say I just need a girl to fulfill my fantasies that I see on adult sites , nothing more.


In India, we have FEMALE ALIMONY ACT which means female can demand alimony but if male is earning less we have to fight to get one. There have been 24% false dowry cases, 53% false rape cases during the year 2013–15 in Delhi, The women who were faking it are not punished because we don’t have a law to do it. But if a man even wrongly slaps a woman, the character-less male go to jail. Even court is sexist & we call our law ‘equal for all’.


This videos says it’s my right to have physical relationship in marriage or outside marriage & guess what, it is said by one of biggest stars of India!

If such an educated woman says this, what can I expect from other girls who are being influenced by such individuals.

Link to the video

Ban fake feminism.

  • I support Women Empowerment.
  • I support females who want Equality.
  • I know females suffer from lots of problems &we need to support them ,but please, don’t bash men.
  • There are a few good men out here.

A short writing by an angry Indian fighting for EQUALITY.

Source – Quora 🙂

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Ashish Bhuwania

Ashish Bhuwania

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Ashish Bhuwania
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