what indian think of donald trump

What Indian think of donald trump??


Indians are really paranoid of Donald trump.Not only Indians but US citizens also worried about him.Most of Indians are really against trump because US media is completely against him .Indian media directly picks the news from major channels from west even with out proper research and giving news.Donald Trump  believed that foreign workers like Indian, Mexican, Chinese are “stealing” American jobs is recurrent in this demographic, and neither party has done anything to address these concerns since the mid-1980s.

Jim Jefferies Australian stand-up comedian, actor, and writer  explains lot about the trump in the below video:


On the other hand Donald Trump  the businessman thinks of India as a potential market– a place where he can locate a hotel or pursue a similar business opportunity.  Contrary to his persona as a politician, Trump the businessman doesn’t mind doing business in countries where the population are of another color or religious faith; he mainly cares about whether the project will be profitable. As someone who has scored political points by demonizing religious minorities (Muslims) and ethnic minorities (Mexican-Americans), he has made little effort to rail against Indian-Americans, and yes, there is a sizable number of Indian-Americans in the US.  I am sure there will come a time when it’s politically useful for him to make fun of Indian-Americans, but thus far, he has not.

The Indian workforce is a major part of the immigrant workforce in the US. The American citizens themselves aren’t very pleased about that. Trump is just playing with their fears of losing jobs to immigrants. Make no mistake, “making America great again” is nothing but preventing American jobs from being taken up by immigrants.

“We’re going to create jobs. I said that I will be the greatest jobs producer that God ever created. And I mean that, I really—I’m going to work very hard on that.” —Trump on US job creation, 12 January 2017.

Indian have varieties of opinion to donald trump.Donald Trump’s proposed policy on H1-B visas and how that would be bad for India. Trump has advocated raising the minimum wage for H1-B visas, lowering the H1-B visa cap and generally making H1-B visas more difficult to obtain. If Trump’s policy to raise the minimum wage for H1-B visas were to go into effect, the students who are coming here will still find jobs because those seeking H1-B in engineering are usually not in the lowest wage categories of H1-B anyway, however the Indian IT companies and large American companies won’t be able to bring people from India so easily for software development. So most probably, they will outsource their software development work to India as a way to lower cost. If that happens, then dollar currency is coming into India, and those workers would pay taxes in India and spend their incomes in India, all of which is good. So the profit of Indian IT companies may decrease but on the other hand the Indian economy will improve and more talent will stay in India. And if the minimum wage for the H1-B visa is increased, then it also makes life better for those who do get a H1-B visa.So in reality its not a bad thing for india.

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