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Foods You Should Eat in Winter

The season that we are most waited for is winter season. In this season we just want to be inside quilt and eat oily things.Your body also experiences changes in…

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american trying indian snacks

Americans Trying Indian Snacks and reaction was way too hilarious

Have you thought of Americans Trying Indian Snacks??The experiment was conducted by where they got some Americans to try Indian snacks like  Aloo Bhujia, Thumbs Up and Paani Puri, etc for the first…

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Fast Food Meals That Only Have (About) 500 Calories

Food - Of course you want to eat healthy! But we also want four-minute miles and a college degree in hot air ballooning. The point is that a pretty high…

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What Sugar Is Doing To Your Skin?

Is it any coincidence that acne levels have increased in tandem with global sugar consumption over the last century? While the link between diet and skin health may have been…

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